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Spiritual Realms Festival

30minute Spiritual Psychic Medium Consultation with Angela Orora

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Angela Orora Medway-Smith is Cariad Spiritual, The Practical Mystic, a spiritual channel author, and teacher who gives voice to the Angelic and Ascended Master Collectives.
Her path as a light worker has led her to work worldwide as a teacher of healing and spiritual development, Life & Soul Alignment Coach, Goddess Retreat Leader and five times published #1 Best-selling Author.
Angela is also a highly experienced clairvoyant psychic medium (formerly a consultant at Mysteries in London’s Covent Garden) and has offered insight, spiritual guidance, healing and accredited courses to thousands of students and clients all over the world.
Her books The Book of Many Colours: Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose With The Divine Rays, The Book of Many Flames: Everyday Alchemy With Esoteric Energies are channelled from the Ascended Master and Angelic Collectives; she is also co-author of three Amazon #1 Best Sellers, 25 Tools for Goddesses, Strong Mothers and Awaken To Your Inner Truth.
Angela believes we all have the ability to transform, grow and shine which is why she designed her logo to reflect just that, to ‘Be The Butterfly’; to soar, to achieve your unique potential as a sovereign being.
Angela is leading an experiential workshop on Sunday at 11AM: Energy Healing: Connecting to Source and offering 30 minute 1:1 Spiritual Psychic Mediumship Consultations with a personally programmed Crystalline Angelic Healing Gift.