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Spiritual Realms Festival

Bind Rune Pebble Empowerment Ritual

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Hi, I’m Ben

I have made multiple Bind rune pebbles and keyrings for friends and family in the past who have had severe illness or just need the courage and strength to carry on through stormy waters and now I can offer them to others.

During this 30 minute session, you will first select which wood & which bind rune energies you want to empower it with. I will burn these runes into the pebble as we are sat together.

We will then do a visualisation ritual on my runic altar, where you will place your positive energy into the wood as a beacon of light as a gift for others or for your future use.

I can do these with the ‘Soap’ sized ones or onto a Keyring version for good health and travels.

Until then, be well.


Each session lasts 30mins and includes a pebble or keyring of your choice