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Spiritual Realms Festival

Sigil Tattoos

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Gypsi Miliani is offering Sigil tattoos.

 Each sigil is £75, £30 dep and the rest on the day. 

She works as a shaman and tattoo artist and offers this custom ceremony at Festivals as a beautiful combination of my two callings 💫

Each session is around 45 mins, you have an in depth chat about your human experience so far, where you have been, where you are and where you plan to go, and what kind of energy you would like to bring forward. You decide on 3 key elements to focus on and these along with your guides/team/ universe form a sigil (runic style design) as a physical representation of the support offered. She hand pokes this sigil with intent and a blessing to follow. You get to choose placement and they are 1-2 inches in size.