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Awakened Spirit Festival

Through Fire and Runes. A ceremony of release

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Fri and Sat evenings. Meet at Ben's tent area 

During this 1-2 hour journey you will use the hand crafted items, which I have created for this ceremony. The ceremony itself includes below and much more besides;

·       Engaging with the other souls who are on this journey and having the option of drinking Cacao / Herbal Tea.

·       Connecting with and using a guardian staff of your choice.

·       Journeying to the fireplace and setting the intent of meeting your higher and shadow selves and asking them for the gift of release and renewal from both, in their duality.

·       Gain the attention of Allfather Odin, from his Hall in Valhalla by calling in Old Norse and using your drum / instrument (if you have one). Be prepared with your outside voice!

·       Harmonising with other souls to connect your roots to Yggrdasil, the world tree.

·       Drawing different runes and releasing what doesn’t serve you and imbibing a positive in its place. You then release this to the fire as thanks.